Friday, August 27, 2010

Recipe for Getting Published

August 27, 2010

I hold in my hands... a self printed version of my latest chapter/middlgrade compliments of the HP printer and a couple of print run throughs as I learned how to make words appear on the front and back of pages. Like magic!

This HP version of my latest draft - in my hands- sends chills the size of eyeballs up my arms :) Of course it does - because this book is about stirring up scary monsters!!! And I have to say... I really think it's something. Something clever. Something fun. Something that well represent me... a girl who grew up always thinking she saw monsters from the closet to the basement and every drawer and dark corner in between them.

One day - I will look back on this blog as an author with THIS :) book on the shelves of BN and it will seem so far away. Because the recipe for getting published (as I believe it to be) is to always look forward. To act with passion and focus, in the moment, but with a positive and constantly self-uplifting momentum... seldom stopping to ponder past time or hurdles.

Relentless, positive passion AND... tons of networking. That's my current recipe for action.

Over 3 years, I've been attending tons of writer's events and meeting editors, agents and authors because its hard to get a person to consider your story if they've never met or heard of you. And I'll continue because it's a journey worth going on!

For now / Next Up - I am going to read through this "Recipe" book and then do another complete work through. Hopefully after that - I can find a genius editor to help with the finishing polish and make it presentable for the grand event... the time when I agree that 20zillion re-writes brought me far enough to submit and face the true results of an agent or an editor's reading tastebuds.

I know that tastes are subjective and that there are SO MANY stories out there. In fact, I spoke with a fellow writer yesterday, who spent 3 years on her screenplay, and she said to me - "What happens if I never even get a chance, if no one ever reads it? Do I just start over again?"


Though, lets hope for the flip side - that our recipe for getting our work solid and polished and in the hands of the right agent/editors... works out deliciously :)

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