Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Jan 2010
Just returned from the the main street of Sundance... sensational films, stars, and indie actors fulfilling their snowy dreams. This year marks my 8th trip to Sundance yet my first on a full time press adventure. Getting to interview the talented spirits gave me a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed on my Kelly Project. I began as a naive dreamer (and thankfully so! Naivety tells the feet to go!). And now... I realize I've signed up for a layer rich and life long process of persistence, specificity, and continuous self learning. The Kelly Project is so much more than wanting to get a book published, articles printed, or an acting gig. It's about committing to the ever changing and always engaging - possibility of me :)

I know that every snowflake at Sundance has its own original shape. In 2010 I will trust that I too have my own way of glistening... of being cold & wet... and of melting into anothers skin.

(pic of me and the Co-Directors of "Homewrecker" - Todd & Brad Barnes)