Wednesday, November 18, 2009


November 18, 2009

Remember that game DIG DUG? I loved it! Excavating though the dirt and making rocks fall on random bugs in order to get away. Shooting arrows, pumping things up. I wonder if that helped shape the fighter that I am today? If a game helped teach me to not give up and dig deep?

This thought came to me today because I'm feeling quite reflective about my ability to push myself - to be stronger, better. Whether its reminding myself to try and listen more, putting in that extra 10min at the gym when I'm exhausted, or that plunge I took in March of 08... leaving my job for a chance at becoming more of myself.

I think its important to reflect on strengths. Especially the strengths that help us dig deep when we are feeling weak. The fire that helps us light a room even when we are feeling less than stellar.

In a way, life is a game when you get down to it. You can only learn if you are willing to play hard and enjoy it.

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出遊不拘名勝,有景就是好的 ..................................................